Help Searching for Properties

How do I search for residential property?

We try and make our property search as easy as possible to use. First select whether you are looking for property for sale or to rent. Then use the search box. The most intuitive and common way of searching for a property is to start with a location. There are a number of different location types you can enter. For example:

You will notice as you type some suggested locations appearing below the search box which serve as a guide for you to find the right location. If you see the right location suggested simply click on this and hit enter.

Once you have entered your search you will then be taken straight to the results that list the relevant properties.

How do I change they way properties are displayed?

You can view your results by Grid View or Map View.

You can filter your results by using the links on the left side of the search results. Filter by: Price, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Property Type and Features